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Speaker: Adrian Almond

After two years of restrictions, we gratefully welcomed back our first in-person speaker to the Community Centre on Wednesday 23rd February and had our first bash at doing a live Zoom of the meeting to those members still not comfortable meeting up in person and who were watching from home. Thankfully all went well and we had an evening of superb images from Adrian Almond in his talk ‘A Man For All Seasons’.

Starting with landscapes, Adrian showed us some exceptional photographs ranging from the northern lights in Iceland to the majestic Yellowstone National Park, and he was enthusiastic in guiding us through his camera settings and how each picture had been taken.

We were then treated to some fantastic wildlife photographs and I can only imagine the hours of patience it must have taken to capture each shot.

The second half of the evening included some brilliantly captured images of low flying jets, which were so detailed you could even see the expressions on the pilots faces! A thoroughly enjoyable evening of truly outstanding photography and our thanks go to Adrian for sharing his pictures with us.

Next week, we have club member Dave Nelson who is continuing to enthral us with his trip around the West Highlands and Islands. In the meantime, Club members are reminded that the deadline for hand-ins of panels is Friday 25th February.

Speaker: Roger Hance

Club members were treated to some gorgeous images of ‘Wildlife in Your Garden’ by multi award winning photographer Roger Hance FRPS DPAGB AFIAP BPE5* at our meeting on Wednesday 24th November 2021.

All of the pictures were taken in his own, or his friends’, gardens during the pandemic and Roger generously showed us how to attract and photograph the wildlife which visit our homes, sharing his camera settings alongside tips and tricks for a successful shot.

A Canon user for over two decades, Roger switched to the micro 4/3rds Olympus system in 2018 and says he’s never looked back. As an Olympus user myself, it was a refreshing change to hear about the lenses, equipment and special features offered by Olympus as most photographers still use Nikon or Canon and one can feel a bit left out of the discussions when you use other kit.

Roger has a YouTube channel which contains videos of his techniques for photographing nature and wildlife and it’s to his credit that he is not precious about his skills and freely shares his knowledge with other photographers. A thoroughly enjoyable night which left me wondering which part of my teeny garden I can dig up to create a pond!

Next week is competition night, with Gerald Chamberlain of Morton Photographic Society judging our images on the theme of ‘Perspective’ via Zoom. It’s always a joy to see the pictures being produced by fellow club members and I’m sure it will be interesting to see how we’ve all interpreted the brief. Guests and new members are welcome – please see our Membership page for details of how to join in.

Speaker: Phil Drayton

On Wednesday 10th November, club member Phil Drayton gave a fascinating presentation on his passion of Astrophotography.

Starting with the types of equipment needed and the apps he uses to plan a night shoot, through to camera settings and how to edit the resulting images, Phil gave us a detailed and very useful guide to different aspects of Astrophotography including star trails, light painting and how to successfully capture images of the Milky Way.

Castle Star Trails by Phil Drayton

The best time to do astrophotography is on a crisp, clear, winter’s night when the stars are visible in all their glory. I’m usually tucked up in bed by 9pm, but Phil’s fabulous pictures made me want to make a renewed effort to put on my thermals and get out after dark with my camera! Our thanks to Phil for a great first half to our evening and his presentation is kindly available as a handout in the Members’ Section of our website.

After a short break, the Club listened to feedback from Settle Photographic Group on a selection of our images. It’s always fascinating to hear how other Clubs view your photographs and the critique on the whole was positive and constructive, though a recurring theme appeared to be that we over-process our pictures!

This Wednesday we’re in for a lively evening in our annual Club PDI knockout competition. As last year, this will be held via Zoom with voting for each picture taking place through a show of hands, though members are also welcome to attend Castle Street Community Centre in person to watch and take part in proceedings via a large screen. Guests and new members are always welcome – see our Membership Information page for details.

Speaker: Dave Mason

We had a real treat on Wednesday 20th October with a Zoom visit from Dave Mason. Dave is known for his surreal street photography, much of which captures life in London and the south east of England, and he has an enviable talent for finding the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Dave was modest about his ability to see the absurd in mundane life but he has a way of capturing moments in camera, often humorous, that would pass the rest of us by and we saw numerous examples of his unique and finely honed skill. Alongside a fast paced narrative and some tall tales the time flew by and our thanks go to Dave for a fun and interesting evening.

Our next club night, on 27th October, is our first themed competition of the Season with a set subject of ‘Song Titles’, the hand-in deadline for which has now passed. Competition nights are always popular with members and it’s a great chance to see each other’s work and to receive constructive critique which helps us learn as photographers. Guests and new members are welcome – please see our membership page for details on how to join in.

Speaker: Caroline Preece

We were treated to a fascinating zoom talk on 6th October from London based photographer Caroline Preece, who encouraged us to look in a different way at photographic composition.

Entitled ‘Tools Not Rules’, Caroline explained that photography is a visual language in which we communicate our own personal take on the world through our images. She explained the psychology behind how people interpret the visual elements within photographs, which helped us understand how to make informed choices when composing our pictures, ensuring they convey feelings and emotions and have visual impact.

We’re often told about the rules of composition, but this was the first time I’d heard an explanation of why and how they work. A good image isn’t one that’s technically perfect but soul-less, it’s one which makes us feel something and Caroline empowered us to make different choices when composing our photographs to help convey our personal message during a very informative night.

This week Club member Seamus Bryans is holding a Portrait Workshop at Underbarrow Village Hall. Seamus is an accomplished portrait photographer who will be offering guidance and tuition on low key portraiture, with the opportunity to put skills learned into practice by photographing models at the event. Please note, this is an in-person workshop and not available on Zoom. Further information will be emailed to members.

Speaker: My Photography Challenge

It was a pleasure to welcome three new members and three guests to the first meeting of the new season on 15th September. Our experiment to enable participants to take part both at home via Zoom and in person at Castle Street community centre seemed to work well and there were thankfully no major technical hitches!

Club member Jeff Bagnall gave a short introduction and explanation of how the Club works, then went on to give a presentation on a year long photography challenge which involved taking 1 photograph each week for 52 weeks. It’s a big undertaking and it was interesting for club members to see the range of subjects Jeff managed to capture and the stories and locations behind each shot. Our thanks go to Jeff, as we recognize the time and effort it takes to put together a 2 hour long talk.

Our next meeting takes place on Wednesday 22nd September, when club member Jo Knight will be giving a tutorial on composition. Participants can again take part either from home via zoom, or in person at the Centre where the zoom meeting will be projected onto a screen. It’s not too late to join the club as a member, or book a place as a guest for the evening – see our Membership page for details. Looking forward to seeing everyone on Wednesday 😊.