Kendal Photography Club was formed as Kendal Photographic Society in 1910. It was a member of the Lancashire and Cheshire Photographic Union, (L&CPU) by 1927 and remains so today. It is also affiliated to the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain (PAGB).

The recent move to change the name from ‘PHOTOGRAPHIC SOCIETY’ to ‘PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB’ is intended to avoid any misconceptions that the club is overly technical or only for experienced and knowledgeable photographers. The club has members of various ages, experience and photographic styles, and we are always eager to welcome visitors or new members.

Our programme is a mixture of visiting speakers giving presentations on different aspects of photography, talks by our own members, software demonstrations and monthly ‘Members Evening’ competitions. The competitions aren’t compulsory, but members are encouraged to enter 2 mounted colour and/or 2 mounted monochrome prints, plus 3 digital images (PDIs) for projection onto a screen. Please ask for instructions on how to print, mount and/or submit your images.

Entry into in-house competitions gives members the opportunity to measure their work against others and importantly receive valuable critique, which they can hopefully use to improve their images. We arrange for experienced judges to examine the images, which are then each awarded points which are totalled-up at the end of each ‘season’ when awards and trophies are presented for the winners of each category.

The club also participates in ‘battles’ with other photo clubs in the South Lakeland region. Images submitted by each club are appraised and awarded points by external judges, with the club achieving the highest cumulative score being declared the winner. These battles culminate each season with the ‘South Lakes Knock Out’ competition involving several different clubs from throughout the region.

Our own annual competition takes place towards the end of March/beginning of April and is also scored by an external adjudicator. Awards are given to the best image in each class.