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Summer Shoots

Although the club is officially on its summer break there have been several official club shoots organised across the summer;

On Wednesday 4th May we visited several locations in the Silverdale area including the Shore, Jack’s Scout and Jenny Browns Point. We didn’t get the sunset we were hoping for but the coastline did offer a myriad of photo opportunities which were shared on the clubs private Photoshoots Facebook Page. The Silverdale Hotel provided the ideal venue to regroup at the end of the shoot.

Jacks Scout

This Wednesday 1st June the club visited RSPB Leighton Moss nature reserve, with wildlife photography being the evenings’ theme. Wildlife was plentiful with an abundance of water birds, an elusive booming bittern and even an otter although it was some distance away. The midges were also plentiful but luckily no one got eaten alive. The Silverdale Hotel proved to be popular, winning out to be the end of shoot venue again. Shoot photos are still feeding into the private Photoshoots Facebook Page.

Leighton Moss

On Wednesday 13th July the club are planning their final summer photoshoot in Heysham to include the ruins of St Patricks Chapel, the stone graves and Anna Gillespie’s sculpture ‘Ship’. The subjects promise to produce some fascinating opportunities for photography.

If anyone out there is contemplating joining the club this coming season, please contact us if you fancy coming along to the final summer shoot.

The 2022/23 season starts on the 14th of September with the 1st meeting being held at both the Castle Street venue and on Zoom, we are looking forward to seeing you all back then.

In the meantime, check out the full Program Page for the 2022/23 program which has now been published.   

Summer Break

On 13th April we held our Annual Print competition for the first time in two years, having previously been unable to meet in person due to Covid restrictions. There were no leagues, with all members competing equally, and 4 categories: open colour, open monochrome, nature and people.

Due to the competition being for physical prints I sadly have no digital images to show you, but huge congratulations go to all our winners which were:

  • Open Mono
    Bill Pickard with ‘Maasai Warriors’
  • Open Colour
    Gordon Mills with ‘Sunset Klong Muang Beach’
  • Nature
    Gordon Mills with ‘Dalmatian Pelicans Lake Kerkin’
  • People & Portrait
    Ann Bench with ‘We Can All Be Different’

In addition, we hold an annual Lakeland Trophy competition which consists of a panel of 3 prints depicting Lakeland or Cumbria, and our 2022 winner was Jeff Bagnall with ‘Wansfell ponies’ – well done Jeff!

Our season has now finished and we are embarking on a summer break. Although formal meetings won’t be taking place, Club members will be meeting regularly in small, informal groups for days out and details can be found on our private Photoshoots Facebook page.

Our 2022/23 season starts in September. Details of the new programme will be available on the programme page of our website shortly. In the meantime, we hope you all have a wonderful summer – fingers crossed the weather will be kind and we can get out and about with our cameras!

Competition: Annual PDI

On 30th March we held our annual Projected Digital Image competition judged via Zoom by Caroline Preece. There were no leagues, with all members competing equally, and 4 categories: open colour, open monochrome, nature and people.

Starting with the nature category, big congratulations go to Gordon Mills whose adorable image of a ‘Grey Seal Pup’ stole the show.

Next up was the monochrome category, won by beginning photographer Kim Rigg with her image of ‘The Boxer’ – well done Kim!

Following a short break, we resumed judging with the open colour section, which was won by Jeff Bagnall with his stunning landscape shot ‘Wintering’.

Last, and definitely least with only 4 entries, we finished with the people category which was won by Jo Knight with ‘Evacuee’, although she says it was a hollow victory with so few images competing.

Our thanks to Caroline for her excellent critique of our images, which contained a carefully considered mix of positive attributes and constructive ways of the improving each shot.

This Wednesday we are joined by speaker Vincent Scothern who is talking ‘From The Other Side Of The Fence’. The first half of the evening will concentrate on sports photography, and the second half covers Vincent’s DPAGB entries alongside wildlife, landscape and people photography so there’s something for everybody! Guests are welcome, either at the community centre or via zoom – see our membership page for fees and how to join in. See you all on 6th April 😊.

Competition: Panels

Club favourite Gerald Chamberlin EFIAP DPAGB of Morton Photographic Society was our zoom judge for this year’s Panel competition, held on Wednesday 9th March.

Members had clearly taken on board all the recent advice offered on how to build a successful panel and we saw well balanced images, with matching tones and saturation, which told strong stories in creative ways.

I’ll start this week with advanced colour, where the top spot was shared between Bill Pickard with ‘Dancing on water’ and Gordon Mills with ‘Brown Pelican’. Both superb panels and well deserved winners. Second place went to Dave Nelson with ‘Ready Steady Go’ and third place was shared between Maureen Smith with ‘Sunrise on Meathop Moss’ and Jo Knight with ‘A Disabled Experience’.

Dancing on water by Bill Pickard
Brown Pelican by Gordon Mills

In the Club colour section, first place was shared between Peter Kennedy with ‘Sunflowers’ and Bill Lowis with ‘Who ate all the seeds’ – well done both! Second place was awarded to Kim Rigg with ‘Mary’s Shell’ and third place to Suzy Braye with ‘Swaledale Barn’.

Sunflowers by Peter Kennedy
Who ate all the seeds by Bill Lowis

After a half time brew we resumed with Club monochrome, where big congratulations went to Suzy Braye with ‘Old Gang Smelting Mill’. No second place was awarded, but 18 points went to Kim Rigg with ‘Splash’.

Old Gang Smelting Mill by Suzy Braye

Last but not least, we ended with Advanced mono where Bill Pickard scooped his second 20 points of the night with his panel ‘Shades of Blackpool’. Second place was awarded to Maureen Smith with ‘Storm’ and third place went to Jeff Bagnall with ‘Getting ready to play’.

Shades of Blackpool by Bill Pickard

Our thanks to Gerald for his careful consideration and constructive critique of our images 😊. This Wednesday prepare to get wet with our competition on the theme of ‘Water’. Look forward to seeing members and guests (click here to attend as a guest) at 7.30pm, either on Zoom or at Castle Street Community Centre.

Speaker: Adrian Almond

After two years of restrictions, we gratefully welcomed back our first in-person speaker to the Community Centre on Wednesday 23rd February and had our first bash at doing a live Zoom of the meeting to those members still not comfortable meeting up in person and who were watching from home. Thankfully all went well and we had an evening of superb images from Adrian Almond in his talk ‘A Man For All Seasons’.

Starting with landscapes, Adrian showed us some exceptional photographs ranging from the northern lights in Iceland to the majestic Yellowstone National Park, and he was enthusiastic in guiding us through his camera settings and how each picture had been taken.

We were then treated to some fantastic wildlife photographs and I can only imagine the hours of patience it must have taken to capture each shot.

The second half of the evening included some brilliantly captured images of low flying jets, which were so detailed you could even see the expressions on the pilots faces! A thoroughly enjoyable evening of truly outstanding photography and our thanks go to Adrian for sharing his pictures with us.

Next week, we have club member Dave Nelson who is continuing to enthral us with his trip around the West Highlands and Islands. In the meantime, Club members are reminded that the deadline for hand-ins of panels is Friday 25th February.

Competition: Funny Faces

We were treated to a riot of funny faces in our themed competition on 16th February, judged by Kylie-Ann Martin CPAGB EFIAP BPE2* of Great Barr Photographic Society. Despite storm Dudley and a howling gale, several members braved it to Castle Street Community Centre while the judge and everyone else joined on Zoom, including Jo via candlelight as her electric had gone off in the storm!

We’ll start this week’s blog with Club Mono where big congratulations go to Peter Kennedy who hit the double, being awarded 20 points for both ‘Angus’ and ‘Me and my gal’. Ann Dallaway was awarded second place for ‘Masked Man’, with Kim Rigg in third place with ‘Who you looking at’.

In the Club colour section, a big well done to our winner Kim Rigg with ‘Stumpy’, while second place went to Ann Bench with ‘We can all be different’ and third place was shared between Derek Mackie with ‘Look Who’s Coming’ and Kim Rigg again with ‘Funny Man’.

On to the Advanced mono section, with a well deserved win for Maureen Smith with ‘Egg Heads’. Second place was awarded to Phil Drayton for ‘Water Bombed’, and third place was shared between Gavin Lowe with ‘Cat Woman’ and Maureen Smith again with ‘Side Splitter’.

And last but not least our Advanced colour section. Well done to Gavin Lowe with ‘Hot Dog’, which should have won for the title alone 😁. Second place was shared between Jo Knight with ‘Identity Crisis’ and Phil Drayton with ‘Merry go round’, while third place went to both Jeff Bagnall for ‘Fell Pony’, Jo Knight for ‘Tears of a Clown’ and Maureen Smith for ‘Oh no’.

Next week we are being visited via Zoom by Adrian Almond, a photographer recently moved to Cumbria, with his talk entitled ‘A Man For All Seasons’. The evening promises to be wide ranging, with subjects including landscapes, military jets, birds, steam locomotives and nature! Guests are very welcome to join us either at the club or on Zoom – please see our membership page for prices and how to book. Look forward to seeing you all on Wednesday 😁.

Competition: Editing

Wednesday 2nd February saw the 2022 three picture editing challenge take place. The rules were simple, each member was given the same 3 images to edit in any way they saw fit, whether that was serious, comical, tongue in cheek or simply just way out there…and boy did they not disappoint!

There were 12 entrants, giving a total of 36 images, which were displayed one at a time in totally random fashion then discussed and fairly judged by our four in-house judges comprising Ann D, Bill L, Phil D and Maureen S. Four winners were chosen: the highest scoring edit for each of the 3 original pictures, plus an overall winner with the highest combined score for all 3 images.

Congratulations to Heather Mallinson for her edit on “Cars”, Gavin Lowe for his edit on “Band”, and Dylan Reynolds for his edit on “Sheep”. After a quick tally on the night Gavin was provisionally declared overall winner, only for a point to be added next morning which meant he had been pipped at the post by Dylan (me thinks it was the shark that clinched it 😁).

This week we have a visiting judge critiquing our competition images on the theme of ‘Funny Faces’ 🤡. Look forward to seeing you all at 7.30pm.

Competition: Open

Our second Open Members’ Evening competition of the season took place on Wednesday 19th January and was judged via Zoom by Pat Couder CPAGB BPE1* QPSA of Old Coulsdon Camera Club.

Pat explained the components which, for her, make up a good photograph and these included:

  • Interest
  • Impact
  • Emotive content &
  • Technical excellence

though Pat was keen to explain that she will forgive slight technical issues if the photograph arouses strong emotions.

After a few technical hitches we began with the Club colour section which contained some truly excellent images, particularly natural history. First place was shared between Derek Mackay with ‘Barn Owl’ and Gordon Mills with ‘Sandpiper and catch’. Second place was shared between Kim Rigg with ‘St Mary’s Shell’ and Elaine Elrick with ‘Tulip Staircase’. While third place was shared between Gordon Mills with ‘Bee Eater Feeding’ and Bill Lowis with ‘Trees Framed’. Big congratulations to Gordon whose fabulous Sandpiper nature image was declared as overall winner.

Next up was Advanced colour, where first place was shared between Dave Nelson with ‘Poppy Ballerina’ and Jeff Bagnall with ‘Wintering’. Second place went to Jo Knight with ‘Loneliness’ and third place was shared between Dave Nelson with ‘By Dawn’s Early Light’, Gavin Lowe with ‘Pitlochry Bridges’ and Phil Drayton with ‘Old Spider Skin’. Well done to Jeff whose gorgeous water landscape was chosen as overall winner.

After a short break, the judging continued with Club Monochrome where first place was shared between Peter Kennedy with ‘Marsh Frog’ and Elaine Elrick with ‘Contrasted’. Second place was awarded to Ann Dallaway with ‘Stella’, while third place was shared between Peter Kennedy with ‘Tornado arriving at Hellifield’, Gordon Mills with ‘Sugar Loaf Rock’, Bill Lowis with ‘Reflections & Layers’, Martin Rowe with ‘Triumph Rocket Detail’ and Elaine Elrick with ‘Light & Lines’. Our congratulations go to Elaine whose starkly contrasted image was a real hit with the judge and chosen as overall winner.

Our evening concluded with Advanced Monochrome, where there were no 20 points awarded, however Gavin Lowe’s ‘Elephant Taxi’ shared 19 points with Dave Nelson’s ‘Warbird’, while Dave also bagged 18 points for ‘Hogweed’. Well done to Gavin whose creative Elephant shot was crowned overall winner.

Huge thanks go to Pat for running this week’s competition due to technical issues at the Community Centre and for offering some very helpful critique on ways to improve our images.

Next week we are hoping to judge images sent to us by Settle Photographic Group, while members are reminded to submit 3 PDIs to Dave for use in the upcoming photo editing challenge.

Live Editing

Dylan Reynolds kicked off our first meeting of 2022 with an evening of live editing via Zoom, using photographs sent in by fellow club members.

Working with Lightroom, Dylan bravely edited the first three images blind having spent no time studying them beforehand, which is a difficult job when faced with your own pictures but much harder when you’ve never seen the image before in your life! He then spent some time showing us edits to photographs he’d previously played with and it was fascinating to see how another photographer approaches the editing process.

Black & White cropped conversion

Dylan showed us various Lightroom tips and tricks, as well as the importance of cropping and re-thinking our main focal point, and edited in both colour and monochrome. Our thanks for all his hard work and I’m sure members very much valued his take on their pictures.

Our next meeting is a Members’ Evening Competition with an open theme. Always a popular night, competitions are a great opportunity to see a broad range of member’s photographs and to receive constructive critique from an external judge. Look forward to seeing old and new members on 19th 😊.

Happy Holidays!

The Club’s final meeting of 2021 took place on 8th December, when we had the chance to put on a judging hat and offer constructive critique on images sent to us by North Fylde Photographic Society in our annual image swap.

It’s easy to judge the Judges, call them idiots and whisper loudly that they clearly have no idea what they’re talking about (I’ve done it myself!) but I don’t think we appreciate how difficult it is to set aside our own bias, likes and dislikes and critique images that may not be within our own field of interest or photographs that we wouldn’t necessarily take ourselves.

Outstanding photographs are easy to discuss, and terrible photographs are easy to pick apart, but these are the exceptions in a competition and it’s much more difficult to have something positive and helpful to say about all the other pictures which might only have a couple of technical issues but also don’t have any particularly noteworthy qualities. That’s definitely what our Club members found when trying to judge North Fylde’s images and I hope we’ve all gained some appreciation for how difficult judging is.

The Club is now on its Christmas break and our next meeting takes place on Wednesday 12th January when member Dylan Reynolds will do some live editing of members’ images.

So far this season we have been conducting dual meetings both via Zoom and in person at the Community Centre, however due to the spread of Omicron we are expecting this to change and will keep members informed via email, on our Facebook page and on our website as to the situation before the next meeting.

Members are reminded that images for the next Open competition must be sent to our Competition Secretary by Sunday 2nd January 2022 – please make a note in your diary!

Wishing everyone a very happy, safe, Christmas and we look forward to seeing members old and new in 2022 ☺️.