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July Summer Shoot

The final summer shoot did not disappoint, it was a beautiful evening for a stroll along the headland at Heysham

The walk started at St Peters church and the neighbouring ruins of St Patricks chapel which included some iconc graves carved into the bedrock. (Featured on one of Black Sabbath’s album covers).

St Peters Church
Rock cut graves, dating from the 10th Century

The furthest point of our stroll took us to a fascinating sculpture ‘Ship’ by Anna Gillespie and although we were again eluded by the perfect sunset, it did still provided a stunning backdrop to the evening.

‘Ship’ by Anna Gillespie

Looking forward to seeing you all on the 14th of September for our 1st meeting of the new season which will be held at both the Castle Street venue and on Zoom.

Check out the full Program Page for the 2022/23 program