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Speaker: Phil Drayton

On Wednesday 10th November, club member Phil Drayton gave a fascinating presentation on his passion of Astrophotography.

Starting with the types of equipment needed and the apps he uses to plan a night shoot, through to camera settings and how to edit the resulting images, Phil gave us a detailed and very useful guide to different aspects of Astrophotography including star trails, light painting and how to successfully capture images of the Milky Way.

Castle Star Trails by Phil Drayton

The best time to do astrophotography is on a crisp, clear, winter’s night when the stars are visible in all their glory. I’m usually tucked up in bed by 9pm, but Phil’s fabulous pictures made me want to make a renewed effort to put on my thermals and get out after dark with my camera! Our thanks to Phil for a great first half to our evening and his presentation is kindly available as a handout in the Members’ Section of our website.

After a short break, the Club listened to feedback from Settle Photographic Group on a selection of our images. It’s always fascinating to hear how other Clubs view your photographs and the critique on the whole was positive and constructive, though a recurring theme appeared to be that we over-process our pictures!

This Wednesday we’re in for a lively evening in our annual Club PDI knockout competition. As last year, this will be held via Zoom with voting for each picture taking place through a show of hands, though members are also welcome to attend Castle Street Community Centre in person to watch and take part in proceedings via a large screen. Guests and new members are always welcome – see our Membership Information page for details.