Speaker: Adrian Almond

After two years of restrictions, we gratefully welcomed back our first in-person speaker to the Community Centre on Wednesday 23rd February and had our first bash at doing a live Zoom of the meeting to those members still not comfortable meeting up in person and who were watching from home. Thankfully all went well and we had an evening of superb images from Adrian Almond in his talk ‘A Man For All Seasons’.

Starting with landscapes, Adrian showed us some exceptional photographs ranging from the northern lights in Iceland to the majestic Yellowstone National Park, and he was enthusiastic in guiding us through his camera settings and how each picture had been taken.

We were then treated to some fantastic wildlife photographs and I can only imagine the hours of patience it must have taken to capture each shot.

The second half of the evening included some brilliantly captured images of low flying jets, which were so detailed you could even see the expressions on the pilots faces! A thoroughly enjoyable evening of truly outstanding photography and our thanks go to Adrian for sharing his pictures with us.

Next week, we have club member Dave Nelson who is continuing to enthral us with his trip around the West Highlands and Islands. In the meantime, Club members are reminded that the deadline for hand-ins of panels is Friday 25th February.

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