Competition: Open

Our second Open Members’ Evening competition of the season took place on Wednesday 19th January and was judged via Zoom by Pat Couder CPAGB BPE1* QPSA of Old Coulsdon Camera Club.

Pat explained the components which, for her, make up a good photograph and these included:

  • Interest
  • Impact
  • Emotive content &
  • Technical excellence

though Pat was keen to explain that she will forgive slight technical issues if the photograph arouses strong emotions.

After a few technical hitches we began with the Club colour section which contained some truly excellent images, particularly natural history. First place was shared between Derek Mackay with ‘Barn Owl’ and Gordon Mills with ‘Sandpiper and catch’. Second place was shared between Kim Rigg with ‘St Mary’s Shell’ and Elaine Elrick with ‘Tulip Staircase’. While third place was shared between Gordon Mills with ‘Bee Eater Feeding’ and Bill Lowis with ‘Trees Framed’. Big congratulations to Gordon whose fabulous Sandpiper nature image was declared as overall winner.

Next up was Advanced colour, where first place was shared between Dave Nelson with ‘Poppy Ballerina’ and Jeff Bagnall with ‘Wintering’. Second place went to Jo Knight with ‘Loneliness’ and third place was shared between Dave Nelson with ‘By Dawn’s Early Light’, Gavin Lowe with ‘Pitlochry Bridges’ and Phil Drayton with ‘Old Spider Skin’. Well done to Jeff whose gorgeous water landscape was chosen as overall winner.

After a short break, the judging continued with Club Monochrome where first place was shared between Peter Kennedy with ‘Marsh Frog’ and Elaine Elrick with ‘Contrasted’. Second place was awarded to Ann Dallaway with ‘Stella’, while third place was shared between Peter Kennedy with ‘Tornado arriving at Hellifield’, Gordon Mills with ‘Sugar Loaf Rock’, Bill Lowis with ‘Reflections & Layers’, Martin Rowe with ‘Triumph Rocket Detail’ and Elaine Elrick with ‘Light & Lines’. Our congratulations go to Elaine whose starkly contrasted image was a real hit with the judge and chosen as overall winner.

Our evening concluded with Advanced Monochrome, where there were no 20 points awarded, however Gavin Lowe’s ‘Elephant Taxi’ shared 19 points with Dave Nelson’s ‘Warbird’, while Dave also bagged 18 points for ‘Hogweed’. Well done to Gavin whose creative Elephant shot was crowned overall winner.

Huge thanks go to Pat for running this week’s competition due to technical issues at the Community Centre and for offering some very helpful critique on ways to improve our images.

Next week we are hoping to judge images sent to us by Settle Photographic Group, while members are reminded to submit 3 PDIs to Dave for use in the upcoming photo editing challenge.

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