Live Editing

Dylan Reynolds kicked off our first meeting of 2022 with an evening of live editing via Zoom, using photographs sent in by fellow club members.

Working with Lightroom, Dylan bravely edited the first three images blind having spent no time studying them beforehand, which is a difficult job when faced with your own pictures but much harder when you’ve never seen the image before in your life! He then spent some time showing us edits to photographs he’d previously played with and it was fascinating to see how another photographer approaches the editing process.

Black & White cropped conversion

Dylan showed us various Lightroom tips and tricks, as well as the importance of cropping and re-thinking our main focal point, and edited in both colour and monochrome. Our thanks for all his hard work and I’m sure members very much valued his take on their pictures.

Our next meeting is a Members’ Evening Competition with an open theme. Always a popular night, competitions are a great opportunity to see a broad range of member’s photographs and to receive constructive critique from an external judge. Look forward to seeing old and new members on 19th 😊.

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