Happy Holidays!

The Club’s final meeting of 2021 took place on 8th December, when we had the chance to put on a judging hat and offer constructive critique on images sent to us by North Fylde Photographic Society in our annual image swap.

It’s easy to judge the Judges, call them idiots and whisper loudly that they clearly have no idea what they’re talking about (I’ve done it myself!) but I don’t think we appreciate how difficult it is to set aside our own bias, likes and dislikes and critique images that may not be within our own field of interest or photographs that we wouldn’t necessarily take ourselves.

Outstanding photographs are easy to discuss, and terrible photographs are easy to pick apart, but these are the exceptions in a competition and it’s much more difficult to have something positive and helpful to say about all the other pictures which might only have a couple of technical issues but also don’t have any particularly noteworthy qualities. That’s definitely what our Club members found when trying to judge North Fylde’s images and I hope we’ve all gained some appreciation for how difficult judging is.

The Club is now on its Christmas break and our next meeting takes place on Wednesday 12th January when member Dylan Reynolds will do some live editing of members’ images.

So far this season we have been conducting dual meetings both via Zoom and in person at the Community Centre, however due to the spread of Omicron we are expecting this to change and will keep members informed via email, on our Facebook page and on our website as to the situation before the next meeting.

Members are reminded that images for the next Open competition must be sent to our Competition Secretary by Sunday 2nd January 2022 – please make a note in your diary!

Wishing everyone a very happy, safe, Christmas and we look forward to seeing members old and new in 2022 ☺️.

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