Competition: Editing

Wednesday 2nd February saw the 2022 three picture editing challenge take place. The rules were simple, each member was given the same 3 images to edit in any way they saw fit, whether that was serious, comical, tongue in cheek or simply just way out there…and boy did they not disappoint!

There were 12 entrants, giving a total of 36 images, which were displayed one at a time in totally random fashion then discussed and fairly judged by our four in-house judges comprising Ann D, Bill L, Phil D and Maureen S. Four winners were chosen: the highest scoring edit for each of the 3 original pictures, plus an overall winner with the highest combined score for all 3 images.

Congratulations to Heather Mallinson for her edit on “Cars”, Gavin Lowe for his edit on “Band”, and Dylan Reynolds for his edit on “Sheep”. After a quick tally on the night Gavin was provisionally declared overall winner, only for a point to be added next morning which meant he had been pipped at the post by Dylan (me thinks it was the shark that clinched it 😁).

This week we have a visiting judge critiquing our competition images on the theme of ‘Funny Faces’ 🤡. Look forward to seeing you all at 7.30pm.

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