Summer Shoots

Although the club is officially on its summer break there have been several official club shoots organised across the summer;

On Wednesday 4th May we visited several locations in the Silverdale area including the Shore, Jack’s Scout and Jenny Browns Point. We didn’t get the sunset we were hoping for but the coastline did offer a myriad of photo opportunities which were shared on the clubs private Photoshoots Facebook Page. The Silverdale Hotel provided the ideal venue to regroup at the end of the shoot.

Jacks Scout

This Wednesday 1st June the club visited RSPB Leighton Moss nature reserve, with wildlife photography being the evenings’ theme. Wildlife was plentiful with an abundance of water birds, an elusive booming bittern and even an otter although it was some distance away. The midges were also plentiful but luckily no one got eaten alive. The Silverdale Hotel proved to be popular, winning out to be the end of shoot venue again. Shoot photos are still feeding into the private Photoshoots Facebook Page.

Leighton Moss

On Wednesday 13th July the club are planning their final summer photoshoot in Heysham to include the ruins of St Patricks Chapel, the stone graves and Anna Gillespie’s sculpture ‘Ship’. The subjects promise to produce some fascinating opportunities for photography.

If anyone out there is contemplating joining the club this coming season, please contact us if you fancy coming along to the final summer shoot.

The 2022/23 season starts on the 14th of September with the 1st meeting being held at both the Castle Street venue and on Zoom, we are looking forward to seeing you all back then.

In the meantime, check out the full Program Page for the 2022/23 program which has now been published.   

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