Competition Rules

Club competitions involve a lot of hard work from our volunteer competition secretaries.  To ensure our competitions run smoothly, entries must:

  • Be saved in the SRGB colour space.
    This ensures that the colours in the photograph look the same regardless which computer or screen the image is being viewed on by the judge and audience.
  • Be sent as .jpeg or .jpg files. 
    Our competition software cannot read any other file format.
  • Have a descriptive title of 35 characters or less. 
    This must not include numbers unless they form an integral part of the title, eg. ‘Route 66’.  Untitled or numbered images, eg. P498209 or v2, will not be accepted.
  • Be the correct size.
    So that images can be viewed correctly by our competition software they need to be a standard size.

⩥ For landscape images: exactly 1600 pixels horizontally with the vertical size 1200 pixels or less.
⩥ For portrait images: exactly 1200 pixels vertically (the horizontal size will always be less than 1200 pixels).
⩥ For square images: exactly 1200 pixels vertically and exactly 1200 pixels horizontally.

For more information on resizing images and choosing the correct colour space, please see this article on our website:

  • Mono and colour images of the same, or very similar, photographs cannot be entered in different sections of the same competition.
  • Adhere to the deadline.
    Competition deadlines are available on the programme page of our website.  In addition, a reminder email will be sent out prior to the deadline date.  All entries must be received by the deadline – please make a note in your diaries!

All competition entries should be sent to our internal competition secretary Dave Nelson at the following email address:

We understand that entering competitions can be confusing, especially for beginner photographers, but it is important that these guidelines are followed.  If you have any questions please contact Dave on the email address above before sending your images and he will do his best to help.