Kendal Photography Club was formed as Kendal Photographic Society in 1910. It was a member of the Lancashire and Cheshire Photographic Union, (L&CPU) by 1927 and remains so today. It is also affiliated to the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain, PGAB.

The recent move to change the name from ‘PHOTOGRAPHIC SOCIETY’ to ‘PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB’ is intended to avoid any misconceptions that the club is overly technical or only for experienced and knowledgeable photographers.

The club has members of various ages, experience and photographic styles, and we are always eager to welcome visitors or new members. So whatever your area of photographic interest, experience or level of skill, we are sure the club will provide a great focus for your photography.

We meet every Wednesday from September through until April in the small Lecture Hall at Kendal United Reformed Church:- Through the archway next to the bridal shop and its the door on the corner on the left

Please feel free to simply come along and attend an evening or two as a visitor. There is no need to commit to becoming a member, as you can just ‘pay-as-you go’, and any visitors fees you pay are deducted off the annual fee should you choose to join us.

Our programme is a mixture of visiting speakers giving presentations on different aspects of photography, talks by our own members, and monthly ‘Members Evening’ competitions.

Entry into these in-house and also inter-club competitions gives members the opportunity to measure their work against others, and importantly receive valuable critique, which they can hopefully use to improve their images.

Although not compulsory, each month members are encouraged to enter 2 colour and/or 2 monochrome prints plus 2 digital images for projection into our members evening competitions.

We arrange for experienced judges to examine the images, which are then each awarded points which are totalled-up at the end of each ‘season’ when awards and trophies are presented for the winners of each category.

The club also participates in ‘battles’ with other photo clubs in the South Lakeland region. Images submitted by each club are appraised and awarded points by external judges, with the club achieving the highest cumulative score being declared the winner. These battles culminate each season with the ‘South Lakes Knock Out’ competition involving several different clubs from throughout the region.

Our own annual competition takes place towards the end of March or the beginning of April and is also scored by an external adjudicator. Awards are given to the best image in each class.


Each year members are encouraged to take up one or more of the roles which assist with the running of the club:


Introduces speakers and give thanks following their presentation

Offers thanks on behalf of the club at any battles or outside events etc

Chairs Committee and AGMs


Maintains the clubs current account, ensures signatories are up to date, holds the cheque book, petty cash and other finance related items  

Collects membership fees, weekly fees and make payments to speakers, judges, landlord etc.            

Collates and records details of members and updates the L&CPU data base

Provides the list of members and score sheet to the members evening secretary

Accounts for income and expenditure throughout the year and produce an annual account for the AGM

Re-imburses members for any cash purchases made on behalf of the club

Produces a cash forecast and advises on proposed expenditure for the forthcoming year

Provides a report for the AGM

Programme Secretary

Produces the programme for the forthcoming year and issues it to present members via e-mail, with paper copies available for new members in September

Provides the programme to the web-site coordinator to include on the web-site

Makes contact and arranges speakers to fill the programme and identifies in house evenings, and speakers, sets the dates and subjects for members evenings etc.

Contacts speakers to remind them/check still available the week prior to their visit

Has a back up in case of cancellation - e.g. video, folios etc..

Provides a report for the AGM


Collates material from members evenings etc. for inclusion

Updates content from time to time

Ensures web-hosting is maintained and paid for, obtaining reimbursement from the treasurer

Provides a report for the AGM

Secretary and Media

Takes and distributes minutes of committee and AGMs

Receives and distributes as necessary any contact or correspondence via the web-site or other media

Writes and submits info to the press for promotion and other updates

Refreshments Co-ordinator

Arranges for 2 people to be responsible for providing tea and coffee for each meeting

Reminds them in person the week before, or via e-mail to ensure they remember and have milk and biscuits (Cost to be reimbursed by treasurer if required)

Obtains replacement tea, coffee and cups as and when required. Cost to be recovered from treasurer

Members evening Secretary

Obtains the list of members and score sheet from the treasurer

Arranges for two members to record the scores for each image at members evenings

Keeps a running total of scores throughout the season and make it available to view at members evenings.

Calculates the overall winner in each members evening category and arrange for trophies to be engraved - cost to be reimbursed by treasurer

Records the results of annual competitions

Produces certificates for commended, highly commended and other accolades - to be pre-signed by the relevant judge NOT REQUIRED 2016/2017

Arranges for annual trophies to be engraved - cost to be reimbursed by treasure

Provides a report for the AGM

Members evening and Annual Competition Projected Digital Image (PDI) co-ordinator

Reminds members when and where to submit entries and the manner in which they should submit in advance of each competition

Collates entries onto a memory stick for projection (recommended to make x2 in case of failure)

Rejects any incorrectly sized or presented images and advise the member (Depending on time scales, may be re-submitted at the PDI Coordinators discretion)

Provides images to the projectionist on a memory stick ready for display

Members evening and Annual Competition Print co-ordinator

Arranges tables, boards etc. for showing prints

Collects and display prints for both members and judge to view at the break following PDI competition

Arranges the stand and illumination for print critique/presentation Organise the prints for the judge during their critique

Competition Secretary

Arranges the judges for members evenings, annual competitions and 'home' battles. (Judge list is available on L&CPU portal and PAGB handbook)

Advises the treasurer of costs in advance (generally £25-35)

Introduces judges and offer thanks at meetings

For any inter-club competitions:

Agrees dates with competing clubs and programme secretary as quickly as possible after end of present season to enable programme to be completed

Ensures clarity of the rules re entries etc.

Ensures any specific requirements are conveyed to members and that members are encouraged and reminded to provide entries in time for for selection

Arranges a selection group to short list and choose entries

Collates entries, checks compliance with any rules, format and arranges appropriate delivery of prints as required

Records results of any 'away' competitions and advise members at next meeting or via e-mail

Collects and returns entries to members as required

If the club is engaging in the SLF knock out, acts as liaison on behalf of the club

Provides a report for the AGM

Projector and Laptop Operator

Ensures the equipment is kept safe and secure

Arrives in sufficient time to set up the equipment for members evenings and speakers etc

Operates slide show for members evenings etc

Operates projector if being used for illuminating prints

Puts away and secure equipment at the end of an evening

Co-ordinates with others to ensure satisfactory calibration of the equipment etc.

Recommends and agrees purchase of any new equipment that might be needed or to the benefit of the club